Roller Shutters Repair

Our Services

J uvectec Window Shutters can be manually operated, which is a winch controlled mechanism. In most cases, the winch is recessed into the cavity of a stud wall, covered by a face plate, which allows you to insert the handle in the winch. This allows the shutter to be rotated to the position of your liking. They can also be weather controlled , for instance if it’s too hot outside the shutter will come down automatically Most double bricked homes have a specially designed winch which is used.

Hospitals and nursing homes

We keep in mind the importance of the individual when specialising in hospital and nursing home window shutters. You can rest at ease knowing our window shutter experts are there to service and assist in any way they can.

School windows and Sports Pavilions

Our window roller shutters provide shade and security for schools, assisting in maintaining the well being of students and teachers alike. We cater to ensure maximum benefits are reached at sports pavilions to ensure a memorable day for both spectators and players.

Shop fronts, entrances and other clients

Maintain a pleasant shopping experience for yourself and your customers with Juvetec’s range of window roller shutters that provide shade and security in:

  • Cigarette counters
  • Kiosks
  • Storage areas
  • Sharing and other services


Service & Repairs

We also specialize in service and repair of shutters. We will fix your shutter on the first visit in most cases, as our qualified staff is equipped with all the necessary parts to complete the job. We have great knowledge of all different brands and styles of shutters and are able to fix all makes of shutters. We repair all manual and electric shutters and we are also able to do conversions of roller shutters from manual shutters to electric. We also sell Individual Parts/Motors directly to public. Please call on 0408109 320 / 03 9470 6121