Residential Window Roller Shutter

Juvetec Shutter works with you to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter plus adding security and privacy for your home and family. We can design and supply any residential and commercial Window Roller Shutter to suit almost any requirement and budget.

  • Window Roller Shutters
  • Sky light Shutters
  • Verandah enclousers
  • Lockdown Security Cabinets
  • Commercial vehcles, trucks and trailers
  • Recreactional – House boats, caravans
  • Commercial Roller Shutters
  • Shop fronts, factories, display cabinets, storgae facilities
  • Security Doors and Window Grilles

Juvetec Shutter has long experience in manufacturing and installing high quality windows shutter in Melbourne since 1986. Our special residential windows roller shutter protects your home or premises at very competitive prices. We can design aluminum roller shutter according to your needs, and almost for any application you need. That’s what makes Juvetec Shutter an industry leader in Preston, Australia. Our customized aluminum window roller shutter gives you various reasons to install at home or office:

• Protection of property from burglars and vandals
• Protection from extreme climate conditions through-out the year
• Protection from hails, debris, bushfires and high-winds
• Noise reduction upto 50%
• Control on light and air flow
• Require very little maintenance
• Appealing & unobtrusive

Our Shutters are eco friendly through there inherit insulation quality helping you to minimising your carbon footprint. Juvetec Shutters, Preston, Melbourne, use aluminum and color-bond boxes only. We also offer warranty of our window roller shutters, which gives peace of mind to our clients.