Holland roller blinds come in a large selection of styles and colours and are easy to control with a heavy duty chain system that can be either stainless steel or poly-resin. You can select the type of fabric you want, and they all control ultra-violet rays from entering the home. All are resistant to mould, bacteria and fading from sunlight and the edges won’t fray. These blinds hang straight and smooth and are non-flammable and PVC-free. They have accessories that give each style something special. Holland roller blinds enhance the hard edge of modern interior decoration as well as a softer, nature-inspired look. The controlling system can be motorised and controlled with a remote.



Roman blinds add a luxurious ambiance to your interior with their ample folds and clean lines. The wide variety of fabrics and colours are all Teflon coated and retard ultra-violet rays. They are mould resistant, easy to clean and will look fresh for years. There are several different styles including sheer Romans that reduce glare and UV rays but allow light as well as total blackout Romans where no light in admitted. This ancient idea is thoroughly modern with each folding segment evenly sized, and they can be raised or lowered by remote control. There are several operating methods available. Roman blinds are available in wide sizes up to three metres wide. The controls are hidden behind for a clean appearance, and there are no stitching holes on the sides.



Slimline vertical blinds have a 28mm track extrusion that is up to 40 per cent thinner than most other vertical blinds. They look more like curtains than other blinds, but are much easier to clean and are energy-efficient. All of the vertical blinds offer excellent light control. The track is flexible and efficient at giving solar protection. The louvres can be programmed to follow the sun and will direct the light into the room. Slimline vertical blinds and all vertical blinds offer optimum performance and look clean and elegant.



Vertical blinds offer privacy and light control, but they are also an integral part of your interior design. They add elegance to the room. There are several different types of controlling mechanisms including the track system and they automatically prevent overwinding. The operating components are resistant to heat and will not warp for the life of the blinds. The self-aligning carriers always arrange each slat in line. They come in any size up to 5800 millimetres and are the best option for hard-to-reach places. The slats are thin with a minimal stack size, so you can get the most from the outdoors when you want. The control can be by chain or wand. The wand will open or close the blind in one action.



Zip Track blinds are suitable for outdoor applications where the weather needs to be modified. These blinds have no buckles, zippers or cords. They are easy to open and close by hand and will completely seal off the outdoor area because the tracks are installed into the side of the window. They can also be motorized and operated with a remote control. These blinds can be set to provide shade or block rain, so your outdoor area can be used in any weather making it a year-round entertainment venue. With the tinted or clear PVC fabric, the blinds can be completely closed and still allow light like a window and keep out debris, dust and leaves. There is also a wide variety of fabrics from which to choose.



PVC blinds can be clear or tinted and are an attractive and useful addition to a patio, verandah, pergola or outdoor area used for entertaining. They are especially useful when the evening turns cool because they can be easily adjusted to block breezes without blocking the view. You can be comfortable while watching your children play. When the weather is fine, just keep them open. They come in several styles of blinds to suit your architecture including clear and tinted with several colours. They add value to any home and can make your outdoor area function like another room without expensive renovations. They are easy to clean and should be fully extended periodically to remove minor wrinkles. Clear PVC blinds should be closed when the lawn is mowed or trimmed and should be rolled up during strong winds.



Café blinds are made from anti-static PVC and are used to enclose an outside area. They block up to 93 per cent of UV rays and will not discolour, cloud or crack. They also remain taut and do not stick. There is a wide range of colours available to suit any style of architecture or decor. These blinds are very sturdy. They have strong zippers and joins along the tracks. They can be rolled up out of sight in a few seconds. Café blinds are very durable and can withstand mild winds.



Canvas awning blinds are an aluminium skeletal frame covered by permanent fabric. They shade windows and doors while blocking destructive UV light from reaching upholstery and carpets. The aluminium frame won’t rot or rust, and the fabric can be changed if you redecorate your home or just want a different style. There are several styles of awnings including walk-way canopy, Dutch hood, bow canopy, French canopy, convex canopy and a fixed or welded wedge frame. Canvas awing blinds are an easy and attractive way to upgrade the appearance of any home.



Blinds can be easily opened and closed manually with the innovative tracks and zip systems. However, electric, motorised blinds can enhance your lifestyle. They have timers that can be set so the blinds will open and close if you aren’t home, and they are very useful for windows that are hard to reach. They also remove the hazard of hanging cords and the controls can be remote or wall mounted.