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Juvectec Window Shutters can be motorized, with a switch on the wall or a remote control, which allows easy operation of the shutter. Juvectec Window Shutters use the best brand motor on the market which is designed, manufactured and engineered by SOMFY. We also provide Battery back-up which is advised to have when a roller shutter is covering a door way, so when there is a power failure they do not enter into sleep mode and the door is easily accessible. SOMFY Motors can be used on any size roller shutters opening and are greatly recommended on very large shutters. They can be controlled by a toggle switch, key switch or remote control and timer control. You can also have multiple roller shutters to operate from one single remote or a centrally mounted gang switch.

Domestic Roller Shutters are available in 12-18 colours. Tracks, Boxes & Heavy Duty Shutters can be any colours
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Juvectec Window Shutters can be manually operated, which is a winch controlled mechanism. In most cases, the winch is recessed into the cavity of a stud wall, covered by a face plate, which allows you to insert the handle in the winch. This allows the shutter to be rotated to the position of your liking. They can also be weather controlled , for instance if it’s too hot outside the shutter will come down automatically Most double bricked homes have a specially designed winch which is used.